Modeling Dynamic Trends platform utilizes methodologies from physics, information theory and machine learning technology to offer solutions for complex correlated dynamic problems. Based on our platform, we aim to help you to make best inference to solve your problems. We currently are both providing services and collaborating with other institutes to solve the problems including the following but not limited to fields:

Aptamer design service: We can "design" aptamers according to your requests utilizing the power of energetics and entropy based techniques. Our patented, Entropic Fragment Based Approach (EFBA), is one technique used.

Development of aptamer-based therapeutic or diagnostic agents

Mechanisms of membrane permeation of drugs

Earthquake prediction: Information-driven approach to understand dynamics of earthquake.

Economics: Modeling dynamics of stock market leads to better risk analysis.

Based on our modeling experiences in various disciplines, we customize platforms to suit your needs.
Additional disciplines include the following:

Data analysis in biological signals such as ECG, EEG, and MEG

Decision making in various fields including information management and policy making

Environmental hazard analysis and providing solutions to the problems caused by oil field developments or debris flows

We are flexible to building mutual beneficial relationship with our clients through single project to long term partnership.

Together we can change the world.






*October 13, 2015. MDT Canada, University of Alberta and King Saudi University filed a US patent application, Method for Direct Detection of Lipid Binding Agents in Membrane, that provides a more accurate method to quantify lipid binding agents in cell membranes.

*July 19th, 2016. MDT Canada gladly partners with National Central Univeristy in Taiwan to co-develop an information-driven earthquake prediction system. With establishment of the system, we can understand more earthquake dynamics and toward better forecast occurrences of earthquakes.


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